Road Studies

  • Design and structural estimations for road bridges and railways.
  • Road geometric design.
  • Hydraulic and hidrological studies.
  • Expropiation studies.
  • Connections and structural projects.
  • Miner and industrial projects.
  • Lightning and landscaping projects.
  • Road safety.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Road traffic studies: census, counting, origin-destiny research.
  • Pavement studies.


  • Private sector project development.
  • Construction and exploitation of highways, roads, construction and industrial works .
  • Change of services management.
  • Due diligence process for big contracts.
  • Engineer projects, works supervision and construction administration.
  • Optic fiber and cable underground canalization into the highways por urban pavement
  • Business plan development for consessions.
  • Fiscal inspection assessment.
  • Minery, ports and railway assesstments.

Project Management

  • >Management and direction in construction contracts.
  • "Key on hand" contract management.
  • Pre-factibility studies.
  • Tendering process development.
  • Quality control in project execution.
  • Certification and control of works status.
  • Engineer projects resources projects coordination and planning.